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Customer Testimonials

"I'd like to thank you for your line of wonderful herbal products. This past summer our dog Skipper was not as peppy anymore due to some health issues because of her age. We purchased the D-Tox cleanse and in a matter of two days what a difference! Skipper was bright eyed and had more energy than we had seen in quite some time. We felt and saw that her quality of life was much better until her passing. Thank you again for the line of wonderful herbal products you have provided for our animals that we love.
Many blessings." Barb Gebhard, Lebanon, PA

"I am owner of the Dragonfly Healing House in Hummelstown, Pa. and we are excited about being able to offer products from Peaceable Kingdom Essentials which are herbal, organic and natural products for Animals and People. A customer, Audrey, who recently purchased the "Reliever Achiever" for her dog, called and was so excited that this product was so successful for her pet. She had spent hundreds of dollars on other products prescribed by her veterinarian that offered no relief for her dog's skin issues, but after only one application she and her dog were seeing and feeling the healing effects of the Reliever Achiever. Many thanks to Cindy for creating such wonderful, healing products for our pets!!"

Josette Neubaum, Hummelstown, PA

"My name is Rene Gregg. My husband, Steve, and I rescued a lab/pitbull mix back in September.

The dog, who's name was Chloe at the time, belonged to a family member. The dog was severely neglected. She was thin, dehydrated and polluted with fleas. She was also experiencing dry, flaky and broken skin due to all of the fleas and her non-stop scratching. Our girl was in bad shape.

I picked Chloe up and we began our 1 hour and 15 minute journey home. Prior to bringing her home, I took her to my vet. She needed shots and treatment for her fleas, not to mention a much needed nail clipping and a good bath. Chloe stayed with the vet for 5 days while my family prepped our minds and our home for our new member. While at the vet, my family renamed our pup Roxy. The name suited her. We, at times, call her Roxo or Rocko.

I picked up Roxy at the vet on the 5th day and brought her home. She was immediately thankful for her new home. The only issue was her skin. It was still broken n flaky and itchy. I remembered that my client, Cindy Wenger, has a business in making all natural animal products. I discussed Roxy's skin issues with her as soon as I saw her. She recommended Reliever Achiever from her Peaceable Kingdom Essentials line.

I began using the product. It is a simple spray that can be easily applied to the pet. Roxy found relief immediately! She instantly stopped scratching! I can't deny that she was slightly annoyed with me spraying her. Once she realized what was going on, she stood completely still. Again, the relief was immediate! I kept applying the product for 5 straight days, twice a day. Her skin condition cleared up. The dry, flaky, red and irritated skin healed up. Her abrasions are gone. The worst spot was on her neck where the collar would be. That has even cleared up! I still apply the product a few times a week on the worst areas for maintenance. She looks great!

I was once a skeptic of certain products, but I'm not of this one. I'm a true believer of this product and of Cindy's knowledge. She assisted me in treating and healing my pup. I'm truly grateful to Cindy. You will not be disappointed in Peaceable Kingdom Essentials. Try it for your pet and your Peace of mind."

Rene Gregg - Lebanon, PA

"Our cat Tigger is 16 years old. She came into our house those many years ago with her brother Buster. This past February Buster passed away from complications to a mouth tumor. Tigger in her grieving process started to lose weight and not eat very well. Otherwise Tigger had been a very health cat and now seemed to be going downhill, and fast. Lucky I was introduced to the Peaceable Kingdom Essentials and bought Tigger the 'Over the Hill' formula. Within a matter of days her clear eyes returned and then later that week she was jumping onto the kitchen counter just like her old self. There is no stopping the old girl now! She even chooses the tincture to the vitamin/mineral supplement we had been giving her previously.

Rev. Dr. Gwen Ward, Lebanon, Pa.

“Every product I buy from Peaceable Kingdom Essentials is something I am proud to give my family. Now I give my extended family, my pets, can have Peaceable Kingdom Essentials products! We are happy and healthy from the cat, dog, 4 and 6 year olds, and even Dad and Grandma.”

Mary S., Chambersburg, PA

“The Flea Flicker is the greatest! After my two year old daughter reacted to the flea collar on the dog - her whole body kept breaking out in a rash – I realized that only a natural product would do in my home. Your commitment to quality products brings quality of life to my home.
Thank you!”

Janet C, Hagerstown, Maryland