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Welcome! At Peaceable Kingdom Essentials we are committed to providing the most effective natural products and herbal remedies possible for your pets. Herbalist-owned and operated, Peaceable Kingdom Essentials offers earth friendly, superior quality (100% USDA Certified

Herbal Tinctures and Teas Made with Quality and Care~

Our organic liquid tinctures and teas are developed and blended by people, not machines. Unlike most tinctures, ours are hand crafted in small batches rather than mass produced in large quantities. At Peaceable Kingdom Essentials, we use only the highest quality organic herbs for all of our tinctures and our teas.
These herbs are not sprayed or irradiated.

For stress/anxiety:

For flea/tick issues:

CBD oil for cats/dogs

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For skin irritations/hot spots

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Years of experience go into the making Peaceable Kingdom Essential herbal tinctures and herbal combinations along with a healthy dose of tender loving care. They come in generous two ounce and four ounce sizes. Our products normally will ship within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

Retailers & Veterinarians: If you would like to feature our line of products at your location,
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